“I am the owner of Arte+ (620 sf) and a resident of Sarawak who would not be able to manage my unit that is based in Kuala Lumpur.

During the process of handling over of my unit, our country has been plagued with Covid-19’s pandemic and saying so, I would not be able to travel freely as before.

A friend of mine, Mr. Marcus Yong introduced me to You Home Design Sdn Bhd, an interior design company. 

You Home Design quoted me a price that is reasonable and is at the lower end compared to some other company.

The goods and materials that they quoted to me is of higher end and I believe is more durable.

They are also easy going and works within your budged and in the same time, they don’t compromise on their quality. This is what they emphasize to me in the first place.

The works stated and finished within 4 weeks duration. They gave me frequent updates on the status of the renovation of which I deem that they are responsible.

As I am based in Sarawak, I could not inspect the unit and I assigned my relative to inspect the same. After inspection all are good and no further comment at all. That is a 100% perfection in their work! I am impressed!

In terms of design, they told me previously that they are wanting to try a new taste of design at my unit. I am glad with that and what impressed me is that they told me that it will be done at no extra cost! I am very much obliged with that!

Thank you You Home Design Sdn Bhd! “



– Alex Ngu