“My apartment was left vacant for more than a year untenanted as both my wife and I did not have time to reno or furnish it. Then YOU Home Design ‘rescued’ us by coming up with ideas how to design and do up our unit at an affordable price. Satisfied with their presentation and ideas, we left the whole job to YOU Home Design with their young energetic team. They not only delivered the goods in timely manner but also did it in an impressive way. The end result was so great that my wife was tempted to move in to stay for herself instead of renting it out. The whole job was perfect and the entire YOU Home Design team were ASTOUNDING!! When we sent out the picture of our apartment for leasing, even the real estate agents were impressed and gave good compliments to the design of our apartment. Bravo to Lyvian and team!! Keep up the good work and we will definitely refer more businesses to you in the future. Cheers!!”


– Kelvin Ho