“Although I was not physically present to see the interior decoration, I had the following comments based on the several pictures which were sent to me lately. The living room was decorated with contrasting deep blue color on the wall. It was one of my favorite colors. The sofa was well chosen with color and simplicity. Both bedrooms were fitted with well thought layout with beds to accommodate more users. It was an excellent layout. The color of the painting the wall in the room was simple and conspicuously delineated. I love it! Great choice of color to contrast with the color in the living room. It is understood that the Marketing Director Mr. Fergus Chai was the leader for this almost impeccable endevour. Thanks Mr. Chai! On a scale of 0 to 10, I shall give the interior design and decoration a 9. Thanks, YOU Home team, your company had given me a profound prima facie and highest professionalism. I shall let YOU Home Design do my second home, third home very soon in Klang Valley without any reservation!”


– Mr. Low